Cheshire Valley Robust Porter 2012

Aroma:  A rich chocolate, coffee, and dry roast aroma is present.

Appearance: Black in color with a full, tan-colored head with moderately good head retention.

Flavour: Moderately strong malt flavour featuring a lightly burnt, black malt character, chocolate and coffee flavours with a bit of roasty dryness in the finish.

Overall the flavor finishes medium dry.  The hop flavor is low yet balances the roasted malt flavors.

Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is medium to medium-full. Moderately low carbonation.

Overall Impression: A substantial, malty dark ale with a complex and flavourful roasty character.

Vital Statistics: OG:   14.9 P

IBUs:  31 FG: 4 P

SRM: 32 ABV: 5.8%

Food Pairings:  Pair with hearty foods – meats with gravy, BBQ grilled beef (the charred flavors of a nice grilled steak pair wonderfully with the roasted notes in this beer). Oysters go great. Desserts such as flourless chocolate cake or truffles. It will stand up to stronger cheeses such as cheddar, well-aged cheese, Stilton.


Check availability at:  C’est What, beerbistro, Bar Volo, The Only Cafe, Castro’s, The Dominion on Queen, The Burger Bar, The Rhino, Bryden’s, The Monk’s Kettle, The Rebel House, The Brain, Woolwich Arms, and Gambrinus Bistro

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